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Organic Pigments
of the OWI®PLAST, OWI®PAINT and OWI®INK series

Pigments are (largely) colored or achromatic colorants, organic or inorganic in nature, which are present in the medium to be colored with measurable particle size.

Organic pigments


C.I. NummerInksPaintsPlastics
Pigment Yellow 13x
Pigment Yellow 14xxx
Pigment Yellow 17x
Pigment Yellow 74xx
Pigment Yellow 83xxx
Pigment Yellow 110xxx
Pigment Yellow 138xxx
Pigment Yellow 139xxx
Pigment Yellow 151xxx
Pigment Yellow 154xx
Pigment Yellow 174x
Pigment Yellow 180xxx
Pigment Yellow 183x
Pigment Yellow 191x
Pigment Yellow 191:1xxx


C.I. NummerInksPaintsPlastics
Pigment Red 2xx
Pigment Red 48:2xx
Pigment Red 48:3x
Pigment Red 49:1x
Pigment Red 53:1xx
Pigment Red 57:1xxx
Pigment Red 81x
Pigment Red 112x
Pigment Red 122xxx
Pigment Red 144xxx
Pigment Red 146xx
Pigment Red 149xx
Pigment Red 166xxx
Pigment Red 169x
Pigment Red 170xx
Pigment Red 177xxx
Pigment Red 179xxx
Pigment Red 202xxx
Pigment Red 207xxx
Pigment Red 254xxx


C.I. NummerInksPaintsPlastics
Pigment Orange 13xx
Pigment Orange 34xx
Pigment Orange 43xxx
Pigment Orange 64xx
Pigment Orange 72xx


C.I. NummerInksPaintsPlastics
Pigment Violet 3x
Pigment Violet 19xxx
Pigment Violet 23xxx
Pigment Violet 27xx


C.I. NummerInksPaintsPlastics
Pigment Blue 15:0xxx
Pigment Blue 15:1xxx
Pigment Blue 15:3xxx
Pigment Blue 15:4xxx
Pigment Blue 60xxx


C.I. NummerInksPaintsPlastics
Pigment Green 7xxx


C.I. NummerInksPaintsPlastics
Pigment Brown 25xxx

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