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Pearlescent pigments of the OWI®PEARL series

Wilhelmi Color’s natural MiCa (mica) pearlescent pigment is made from natural mica.

Natural MiCa (mica)
of the OWI®PEARLnat series

Wilhelmi Color’s natural MiCa (mica) pearlescent pigment is made from natural mica and surface coated with titanium oxide, iron(III) oxide and (or) another metal oxide. It exhibits rainbow colors based on the multiple reflection and refraction (light breaking) of light when it hits the surface. Our OWI®PEARL pearlescent pigment shows a variety of interference colors, depending on the thickness of the titanium oxide or metal oxide, and gives a far-reaching, three-dimensional and soft, silky feel. It is excellent for glossy color design. Our OWI®PEARL pearlescent pigment provides excellent pearlescent effect, low density, is non-conductive, non-magnetic, non-toxic and shows good resistance in light, heat, weather, acid and alkali. Thanks to the excellent chemical parameters and considering the environmental friendliness, our natural OWI®PEARL pearlescent pigment is widely applied in powder coating, plastic coating, floor coating, leather coating, emulsion paint, industrial coating, art paint, coil coating and more.

Synthetic MiCa (mica)
of the OWI®PEARLsyn series

Wilhelmi Color’s synthetic mica (mica) pearlescent pigment is made from synthetic mica crystal and surface coated with a special metal oxide. Synthetic mica (mica) is mainly used in liquid coating, powder coating and so on. Synthetic mica (mica) pearlescent pigment is whiter, brighter, purer, more temperature stable and has lower heavy metal content. Synthetic mica pearlescent pigment gives the user more color composition possibilities than the natural mica pearlescent pigment.

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